Sean Sasser

Pedro: Movie Review

By Jeff Walsh

"Pedro," which airs on MTV and LOGO tonight (April 1) is the story of Pedro Zamora, a Cuban-American who found out he was HIV-positive at age 17, and took his desire to speak out to a huge audience as a member of MTV's The Real World. He died in 1994, several hours after the season finale ended.

The movie itself was a strange flashback for me, since his story was so urgent to me at the time and so many of the scenes from that season are burned into my memory. So, it was somewhat strange seeing actors portraying people I knew from a reality TV and recreating famous scenes. At first, it almost seemed like the movie could star Pedro himself, but then the story becomes bigger than his brief time on the show, and we learn about his life before The Real World.

Keeping it real... with Sean Sasser

By Jeff Walsh

For many gay youth, falling in love is a distant dream. While their heterosexual peers are making their first awkward forays into dating and romance, queer teens usually either play it straight or go asexual. Few are out, and those who are usually can't find a date due to lack of options.

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