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cycle surmised

i got onto this site some 4-5 odd years ago
i feel like a cycle of my own life is ending and a new one is beginning
one without guys with criminal records
or bedbugs
or problems i can't keep up with

a few days the guy who groomed me when i was sixteen
found me
he says you deserve someone to love you you're so pure
you're a fucking cherub
i said i'm not a baby anymore
you can't buy me with those kind of words
you're just an insect

me ex comes up to me and says some shit like
they started a meth lab they want me to sell
he says he called the cops,

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By request- My Mistakes, and advice

I've been asked to share my experiences, and a way to cope with these things.

Just to recap, I was raped a year ago. The man who did this was my boyfriend. This is a long story, and parts of it are blurred by my memory.

How we met? I honestly don't remember. I don't know why, but it's not there. I do know this: he was the kindest man I'd ever known, and I thought he was perfect.

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