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need someone who has lived the homosexual lifestyle

Hey I'm looking for someone who has lived the homosexual lifestyle but has changed I need help to find out how you did it and why because I'm fighting not to love females and everyday it gets harder I've been in the church all my life no I don't consider myself a Christian just an believer I came out to my father who is a pastor and he took it well however I have turned my life back over to Christ and my father thinks everything is suppose to stop but it hasn't I need help from someone who is welling to talk to me not sure how much more of this I can take

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My realization

Since I got out of a relationship with a fiance I had for 4 years, i've been hooking up with random women to fill the empty void in my heart. i've forgotten how to care and respect a women. i would only use the women who were worth something to stick around and who cared for me to get to the next women i would cheat with. i was becoming, and stilll am, really a worthless piece of shit. but then one night i couldnt stop the thoughts in my mind from taking over and i allowed myself to hear what my head had tried to tell me many times.

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Is it right to date a confused Christian women?

Should I stay and believe she loves me

or should I stay and wait for what

some say will be the inevitable


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WHY i cant i find someone special

for once in my life, well im only 16, but i just want to be in a decent relationship. i say things like that all the time but when i find someone i turn them away. i dont know what my problem is and i just need someone to talk to and someone who will listen

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