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Vagueness is key.
That is, of course
if you dream to be comprehensible.
Organic in fashion
Wrought of old
and new.
Customs binding,
lacking subtlety.
if nothing else.
Maddeningly simple.
Tastefully erotic.
The undulating agitation,
Taboo, such as all pleasures seem.
Sinister inequality.
Undeniably barbarian.
It creates a facet
of society –
a “Bohemian”

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My Friend is a Slut and Can't Get a Date

One of my closest friends in the entire world is the biggest slut in our group of friends. I say that because I am sure there are plenty of other people in our school who are just as, if not more, slutty. But I don't know them. I know her.

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Old School Slumber Party- Condoms, Pregnancy Tests, Truth or Dare...

So.... Last night my sister and i had an old school slumper party. 3 of my friends showed up and 3 of her friends showed up of the 7 we invited but we only invited everyone like a week before so it's all good.
But i have soo much to tell that it's all trying to come out at the same time and like i can't barely put it all into words.
So most interesting parts first

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Gay promiscuity

I became a member of today for no particular reason other than I was bored, and premium membership is free at the moment. And I've been a member of Gaydar for quite awhile. Flicking through the pages it got me thinking about the problem of promiscuity in the gay community, as it's one of the criticisms the right-wingers like to put out there.

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Sex with teacher

So i found this rather interesting article today :

It's a list of recent cases of female teachers having sex with their students. What I found really interesting is if you reverse the sexes, it reads a lot differently, and the jail times seem insanely low.

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Just watched Shortbus

The new film by John Cameron Mitchell (AKA Hedwig, from Hedwig and the Angry Inch).

It's an x-rated drama / comedy, with tons of real , unsimulated, incredibly graphic sex scenes. The simple fact is, it's not really a porn film, as the sex is kind of integral to the story.

Any attempt to censor the film would completely destroy it, but as it stands, it's one of the most earnest and frank portrayals of human sexuality I've ever seen.

Also makes me wish we had a shortbus club where I live =)

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