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Hello, my name is...


Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Since the myth of cooties was debunked sometime in the fourth grade, I've always leaned toward the heterosexual side. My sexual orientation was never anything I actively questioned, or at least, until this year.

I saw h-e-r. We'll refer to her as Lea, even though that's not her actual name. (At least, I'm pretty certain that that isn't her actual name. I'm ashamed to say that I'm attracted to a girl whose name I don't even know, but it's the truth.)

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Lost Inside My Rainbow

Here it is... I am new to Oasis. I read a few journals and realized, that this may be the place to be to help and guidance.

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(reposted from the comments section of my AftElton entry)

People Can Do What They Want
I challenge you to provide me with an example of my having EXPLICITLY said so otherwise.

What I have been railing against is this: the complete inability of so many in the gay community to be able to distinguish between gay CULTURE and gay ORIENTATION..... I love Rocky Horror, I haven't seen it but i would probably enjoy Hedwig & The Angry Inch too

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So today I had multiple discussions (Oddly, only one of which was started by me) on what makes you gay, bi, straight, trans, androgynous, whatever. Everybody agreed that sexual orientation was very simply something you're born with, but there was at least one person who thought that gender identity was partially environmental. I disagree with that, and I should think that it'd be even more of a birth thing than sexual orientation.

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Oy. Down the confusion road again.

So I know I like women. Some women. Haven't met one right one yet, or anything. I don't even like stereotypical beauty, but I have liked women for a long, long time.

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Gene Switch Altered Sex Orientation of Worms

Pretty interesting article. It doesn't really prove anything about human sexual orientation but the study has some potential.

What do you guys think?

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