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If all of you didn't know before, I'm a cunty, black mermaid who parties throughout the eve with all of her sea bitches, and then walks the earth as a white male during the day. I expect that all of you will understand my predicament as a member of mermaidian society marooned in human society and treat me as an equal. This is of course despite the fact that my status as a cunty mermaid puts all of you as inferior to myself.

I honestly have zero idea about what in the flying fuck I'm writing about. I would like to point out that I coined the term seaweave though.

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Good laughs

Bloody hell this site gives me great entertainment when the claws come out with some of these fellas. Give me some popcorn and I'll enjoy the show =]

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for all the techies, computer geeks and people who know pc stuff...

I am interested in making a website. Is there a website that could help me with this that you might reccomend? All information is greatly appreciated since I am not computer-science-oriented and have some problems with these sorts of things. I think it has something to do with my sibling being a computer science engineer but we'll get into that another day.

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I need to empty my brain.....

I want to be clear headed! But I never am. Clutter, clutter and my thoughts are lost, or jumbled at best. Maybe there are too many, I don't know......

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Oy Fucking Vey On A Pogo Stick With A Martini

On Monday I came out at school. It went like this:

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