shityass family that don't understand

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Telling my mom and aunt

Ok, I first wrote this a week or so ago, but I accidently shut my computer off and lost it. So I will try to rewrite it as best I can.
Well my mom, aunt, and I went to eat one night, and I decided to see what they'd say. So I used the classic- my friend- excuse, but it worked even better becuase my friend actually is. I asked them what they thought of her being bi. My mom said
"I think she's confused on which gender she wants to fu4k"

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A Family Affair

I feel kinda alone. I've spent all of today in my room mostly on the internet and I also did some cleaning. All I did was ask innocently if my mom was going out today and she barks back, "I don't have any money!" Well, shit, how is that my fault? My plan today was to go to the fucking bank and give you that $100 you asked for. But after that, why the hell would I want to?

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