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I think I'll post more here than on my original blog(at least school/day stuff) and just keep other stuff mostly on there, and just do updates on school like once a week maybe. Yesterday was good,kept going back and forth to Tilly's hehe but it was ok and 'worth it' and that's all that counts to me(I got myself a really nice black lace bra w/white as background and lil black skulls:D) ...then ate at Maui BBQ and had the same thing as last time cuz I wasn't really that hungry as I just had some PB and J sandwiches like 2 hrs.

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Well, I guess I won the Shaving Wars

My mom and I have been involved in this whole battle over whether I should shave my legs or not. She told me that I had to either shave my legs or wear pants all of the time, and I decided to wear pants. It's been a couple of weeks now.

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Ms. Slackson, Snow Burial, Xmas Shopping && 3 Strikes

Yay!!!! Ms. Slackson is gunna be one of the supervisors for the dance I go to tomorrow....XDDDDDDD

Anyways, last night, I was buried alive in snow. xDDD It felt awesome. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I could. Haha.

Got some Xmas shopping done, not much else, except I went bowling today and almost scored 3 strikes in a row. xD

Well g2g see you.


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Hey peoples.

I slept like, all day today. And I'm still sleepy. All I've been doing is eating and sleeping latley. And drawing.

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My little cousin is a homophobe!

Today was great. I actually did something fun for once. My buddy Luke and I both needed to go to a candy store (Like bulk barrel for example) for our second period class. So since I needed to get a new hoody or two, well, not 'need' so much as want... anyway. I asked him if he wanted to come to the mall with me and Caitlyn. And this was the first time we ever hung out outside of school, so that's why I'm explaining the event of going to the mall with this guy.

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