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Novel-Journal 1

Incredibly dark. That's the best way to describe where I am. My house is huge, comfortable, and completely empty. There is a single light on in this house, on the second floor in a small room in the corner of the house. Only one window is in this room, and I can see the street from here.
Occasionally a car passes by.
The house smells of cigarettes and dust. The furniture, mostly untouched, has gathered a quarter-inch layer of gray. It's clear that only the single room is in use.

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*Title Omitted* (Writing)


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A Rather Short Short Story

The Willow

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"He just fell hard while riding his bike, that's all," Karen, 26 years old, explains to the doctor. She's holding her eight-year-old son, Daniel, by his hand tightly. His left arm has a hairline fracture, and is in a sling. Daniel remains quiet as his mother talks about him always falling, always dropping things, always getting into school fights.

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Skip the Steak (Short Story)


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Cereal Killer (Short Story)

Yaya, new installment from Max's new writings! This one is a bit messed up. But I like messed up shit. Deranged even. Sadistic. Depressing. Fucked up. I need new ideas =)

(I know I just posted another story yesterday... but you know I'm kind of in the mood for pumping out short stories)

Tell me what ya guys think~ ^^



Cereal Killer

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Fuck Everything Up (short story)

Everyone else seems to be posting short stories, and truth be told, I'm not up to writing a full journal entry right now. So, here's a little fluffy something I wrote this summer. Concrit is fantastic, people!

Fuck Everything Up
“You always have to fuck everything up, don’t you?”

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Stranger in my Life (Short Story)

I'm really bored! So I wrote this story (not really fond of poems right now).

Kind of inspired by my ex but this story doesn't have any gay themes (hey, not everything we write have to be about gay people.. no?).

Mmm, I hope you guys enjoy! Oh btw, I apologise for the obvious rip off of Mary Doria Russell's style... but I'm sure she won't mind =]

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Short "short story"... any comments?

Thanks for your comments.

*this entry has been deleted*

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Story: A Crafted Masterpiece

A Crafted Masterpiece

“Splendid!” cheered Carter in abrupt and excited approval.

That evening for the first time in his life, as he caressed the slender figure of her body, he felt at one with her. Yes, this is the one he is searching for. Time seemed to cease except for the black and white television that played faintly in the background.

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Story: Sweet Little Lamb

Sweet Little Lamb

The shock was still ricocheting inside my head when I opened my eyes. Where am I? A beeping sound echoed steadily within the white interiors of the room.

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