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Tattoo. I saw it.

So yeah we broke up like three weeks ago or whatever, and I stil hadnt seen his leg tattoo and I secretely didnt even want to see it, just in case I liked it and wanted to get back together with him but he sent me a pic of it RANDOMLY today and god it is AWFUL. it is supposed to be a dragon and it looks like a fox, I told him it looks horrendous and I hope he can fix it up somehow. Oh god it looks so bad. Why are people so STUPIDDDDD! people are seirously so stupid! Why do they do these stupid things to themselves!

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Life Sucks

Man does my life suck! on wednesday my boyfriend dumped my sorry ass, and then secretly started going out with a girl, i had hoped that he would come to me this morning and ask me back out but he didn't so i don't care. And then i wanted to ask out my Ex-boyfriend, who said that we can still be friends. i went through a rough weekend, so many hot guys and all so quickly! one crush after the next! I thin i got to 20 in under 5 minutes. . . and all of them were into girls, or spoken for.

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Insecurites, reawakened again...


i thought i was over this shit. but it seems to have reared its ugly head again. i'll spare you the details and just let you know that when i get depressed, i GET DEPRESSED. this is not, "Oh, i feel kinda sad." This is, "I'd like to jump off the deck and break my neck right now just to make the negative feelings go away." and tomorrow's christmas eve.

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