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<3 Naomily <3

I looooooooovveeeeee this video. It makes me so happy :) :) :)

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Made up convo between Spashley and Naomily XD

Naomi: So, you two are gay, are you? I mean, together?

Spencer: (smiling) Yeah.

Emily: (frowns a little and glances at Naomi) You're girlfriends?

Ashley: (annoyed) She just said so, didn't she?

Naomi: No offense or anything, but I've seen more action from her (nods at Emily, who smiles) in one episode than you two got in all three of your series. I mean, I think hair brushing is fine and all--

Spencer: (a little indignant) We kissed!

Emily: You mostly hugged. Hugging's nice, it is, but--

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I totally just ruined Skins for myself....

I found out the major spoiler from Effy's episode. Arggg!!!!! Damn Internet! The truth is that I've lost interest in this season. I watched up until Katie's episode (#4) and then I just lost that intense need to watch. Some of it has to do with my computer overreacting when I watch videos, but it's also because the show just got so dark and boring and it hasn't been as good as last season. Or, at least it hasn't to me.


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Skins starts again

Oooo...Skins starts it's 4th season tonight!!!! Yippee! I hope somebody posts the episodes online. Can't wait to see new fresh episodes of Naomily XD

Oh, and that girl, Erica, that was on American Idol last night was CUTE. The one that used to be on Barney and Friends. I used to love that show when I was a kid! Anyways she was cute, and she did not need that leather dominatrix suit to prove that she was all grown up ;) Hah.

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Skins US

Well, since I know there's a *few* of us Skins fans on here I just thought I'd share this:

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I love this video for the past season of Skins. It's so well done.

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If you liked South Of Nowhere + Spashley you would probably like this show called Skins, like I did. They had a really nice and quite sweet love story develop between two of the girls this season. If you're looking for a sweet gay love storyline I think you should give this show a shot...

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Twitter and Naomily

I just made a Twitter account....Not really sure why but I did. I guess to let random people know my random thoughts throughout the day :P

I watched the last episode of Skins for this season. I'm a kinda disappointed but it's okay because I'll take the previous episode as MY finale. The only thing is that now I have to wait until 2010 for new episodes which totally sucks. But I guess I'll make it through. I'll probably end up re-watching the season over again just to see Naomily again :)

I had a great dream last night. I hope I have another tonight.

Goodnight to all :)

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I just watched my first episode of the TV show Skins. It was alright. It's got promise. But some of the things the kids did were a little far fetched or unlikely was okay I have an able imagination :P

I should be looking for places where I can volunteer but I'm being lazy and I'm getting tired. I need to find one by Monday though. Eh....I'll do it tomorrow. Or Sunday.

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