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where does everyone live? (in a non-stalkerish way ^_^)

Soooo i was just wondering where everyone lives, as like a statistic sorta thing, for me it's central Ohio

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Sleep Deprivation is Not As Fun As It Seems

I am thoroughly exhausted. Sunday night I got 3 hours of sleep but I loved it because after 12:30-ish I felt AMAZING, like a sudden burst of happiness and energy and for once everything seemed like it would be back on track.

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Teardrop-laced Dreams

So I had a dream last night after a semi-random girl who I'd call a 'friend' called me up! I never would've thought ANYTHING unique about her since she's pretty average in every single way, no offense to her; and I've heard her label herself as such 3+ times. Anyway, when she called I immediately thought:

A) Is she a lesbian and trying to come out to me/ask about my sexuality?

How Much Sleep Do You Regularly Get?

Over 10 Hours
0% (0 votes)
9-10 Hours
0% (0 votes)
8-9 Hours
20% (3 votes)
7-8 Hours
13% (2 votes)
6-7 Hours
20% (3 votes)
Under 6 Hours
27% (4 votes)
My sleep hours are VERY erratic.
20% (3 votes)
Total votes: 15
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Sleeping is for SQUARES.

Making sense is also for squares *draws zigzag in the air*

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