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Not tired

Hi all I joined the site not long ago and though now would be a fitting time to make my first journal entry.

It's now 5:05 am here and i havent slept yet. I'm enjoying the calm of the night just sitting about with the tv running shows that im not paying enough attention to to even know what they are.
I've got no plans at all this weekend so i may aswell sleep what I think will be a rainy day away.
This is where I'm at my most content even if i dont have someone to cuddle with at the moment.

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Random Notes on Being a Writer

Randon Notes on Being a Writer - #42

Genius never strikes at convenient times. Be prepared to lose sleep, be late for appointments and drop all the things you're supposed to be doing when those AHA moments hit (and leave enough time, because the AHA is usually followed by several hours of mad typing or scribbling).

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well, i've been awake for about twenty hours now. i figure, if i hold out for another four, then i can fall asleep and sleep for the entire night. which means that i have to stay conscious for another four hours. which seems impossible...but the last two ahve gone by pretty quickly.

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