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Ugh. So me and a bunch of my girlfriends had a party last night for a foreign exchange student friend of ours who's leaving soon. It was a really fun party, we went to Jumpstreet (giant wall-to-wall trampoline place XD) and watched Twilight and made fun of Robert Pattinson and I secretly swooned over Alice, but--well, there's always a but isn't there?

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lack of sleep

Okay, Ladies and Gents before you read this with an objective eye bare in mind the tags that accompany this post! My classmate Meghan came home on the bus with me yesturday so we could finish a project for Canadian Business law. Meghan and I had planned that she would stay the night and mom would drive her back today!

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But I'm a Cheerleader!!!

OMG BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER MADE ME SOOOOO HAPPY!!! ^^ I mean, apart from awesome kiss/sex scenes (Clea Duvall is SO. HOT. I love her), it was just really funny and sweet. I watched it a sleepover with a buncha school people. And... I think I'm starting to crush on MC. Arg. Fucking [w]hor[e]mones. Just leave me and my friends alone!!! Gah!

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Just because I like girls dosen't mean I'm like a guy

So.. Friday I slept over at Soras place. Which I haven't done for a while. Was fun... I came out to her brother who apparently hasn't heard yet. He was looking at this wrestling stuff and he's asking me if I think those guys are hot at all and I'm all "eww" (Well, they were all overly-buffed and in speedos.

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Candles, power outs, apple juice, cousins, and crazyness.

Well, It's been like a week right? You'll understand why I haven't posted for a week if you read what happened. =3

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