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So I just got back from my audition for the school play, and I think it went really well. Considering that I've only ever been in a play once before and all. The monologue I used was all about a person lamenting that her life wasn't more like a musical, and I could really relate to that pretty well - even though I can't sing worth a (something worth singing worth?), if I could change one impossible thing about the world, it would be for real life to be like the musicals. Yup, that wins out over world peace.

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Gay slurs?

Well, considering all commenting on my poetry has stopped, I guess I'll write me a regular journal. Things have been all righty...just same old, same old. Tennis season started last week, which is yay, because I get to play a lot of tennis, but also boo, because I get to play a lot of tennis. And to tell you the truth, being around so many straight guys really cramps my style, yo. =/

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