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tell me if this discribes our society

The room was silent the people looked violent. There is no resolution. Drugs. violence, and prostitution that is all I hear. The future generation will live in fear. People killing one another, young kids want to grow up like their older brother. What is wrong with this generation. People killing with no hesitation. There is no turning back. Compassion is what the people these days lack. They donā€™t know what love is about. this is the last bout. peace out

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Ashen Angel, There is No Cure

[This is one of my strangest poems, but also one of my best. The Ashen Angel is a symbol for society today. This poem basically talks about how society is fading and how everyone is too lazy to actually make change, so they look for the easy way out. If you have a different interpretation of the poem, I'd love to hear it! Enjoyzerz.]

Regrets float down her fingertips:

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The Bible

Many people says the bible says homosexuality is wrong. I'm not taking a stand on this yet. However, I've done some research and most of this conclusion is up to how you interpret the bible. What is the bible REALLY saying? I'm trying to make up my mind here about this particular verse. What do yall think?

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