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Nrgh. I just .. Spontaneously started like, BAWLING. I hardly cry.. I mean the only real time I've cried in the past two years... I can't remember. Today, a song came on the radio and I just broke down... I think I'm going to break soon. There's only so much friends can do to help... What I hate the most about this is why.

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Queer Playlist

So yeah. What songs would you put on the ultimate queer playlist?

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Favorite Song

Title fairly self-explanatory. I'll expand it to love songs, bands, genres (especially if it's not particularly popular), ballads, favorite live show, most underrated music genius ever, etc.

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I thought about what you said

I know that I’ve always
Thought you so wise and true
But now that I question;
Can it still be true

That you have the flaws
I have seen before this time
While only in searching
For more

Nothing is Nowhere

How to do what you do

Never is how far
I’ve come for someone

You’ve told me what
others can’t put into a phrase

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In our world

in our world
clouds soar above horizons
boundaries nevermore

in our world
meaning is everything

'cuz in our world hope resides
and the truth replies
'cuz in our world we collide

in our world
the seasons go by
we compromise
by holding each other closer
in the wintertime
in the summer we run free
and in the fall we collect

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No Dostoevsky Tonight

A song I wrote, sort of to blow off steam.

No Dostoevsky Tonight

Some nights I can deal
With Raskolnikov
And such
Some nights it seems
That even Wilde
Is too much

There will be no Dostoevsky tonight
No more Russian angst and blight
I had a bad day, and I'm sorry to say
That I can't read Dostoevsky tonight

Some nights I need calm
So I read Neruda
In the dark

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Where is the Love?

Hi Peoples,
I just found this song on Youtube, and I really like its message. I thought I would share it. Here is the URL if the song doesn't embed:

I hope this works...

By the way, I also thought that I would remind you how much I love you all. Have a great summer!

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Strange, Musical Proposal...

Sooo... chances are, this has been proposed somewhere before, but in case it hasn't or it's been forgotten..........

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