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The boy that left, and the new one

Ever had a song that just describes how you feel even though you know it's just a stupid fucking song?

Mine right now is the one that got away.

Now please excuse me while I proceed and quote meaningless lyrics from a pop song.

In another life, I would be your girl
We keep all our promises, be us against the world
And in another life, I would make you stay
So I don't have to say you were the one that got away, the one that got away

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Queer Playlist

So yeah. What songs would you put on the ultimate queer playlist?

which of the following songs would be a good choice for my wedding's first dance?

forever and ever, amen~randy travis
33% (1 vote)
unanswered prayers~garth brooks
0% (0 votes)
sunrise, sunset~fiddler on the roof
33% (1 vote)
other suggestions (please comment..)
33% (1 vote)
Total votes: 3
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Five Finger Death Punch- The Devil's Own
" "- White Knuckles
" "- Can't Heal You
" "- Salvation:D
" "- Ashes
" "- A Place to Die
" "- Death Before Dishonor
Above songs = aka just got their album hehe/put on iPod so I can rock out in Sculpture LAB hehe....
Saliva- Judgment Day/Survival of the Sickest
Rev. Theory- Far From Over
Hed PE- Renegade
Fuel- Won't Back Down
32 Leaves- Blood on My Hands
Disturbed- The Night
Mudvayne- Scarlet Letters
Jerry Cantrell- Anger Rising
The Answer- On and On
The Veer Union- Seasons
Trapt- Black Rose
" "- Ready When You Are*

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If you have any issue what so ever with religion or the people who preach it this may interest you

I think this is an awesome song about the ridiculous of religion and the people that preach it. I'd say give the video/song a chance:

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Songs,just a lil while ago,blogthings

Revis- Seven
*Papa Roach-Lifeline
*Sevendust- Live Again
*The Fray- You Found Me
*Rise Against- Re Education
Tantric- Mourning
Since October- Guilty
Fall Out Boy- I Don't Care
*5 Finger Death Punch- Stranger Than Fiction
The White Tie Affair- Candle
*David Cook- Light On
*Cold- Suffocate
Stone Sour- Inhale
Lady Gaga- Just Dance
Kevin Rudolph(I think hehe)- Let it Rock
Britney Spears- Amy
O.A.R- Shattered
Monica(and Christian Kane version too if he's the singer)- What My Heart Says
*Smile Empty Soul- For You(aka the heart that cares for you song)
Finger 11-Paralyzer

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I F#&@ing Hate You.

i wanna make a band called 'I F#&@ing Hate You.' yes, dingbats and all...

we'd only write angry songs about stupid things we're pissed off about. idiotic things like missing a train, or getting dumped by a date, or the morons on tv or in government class....

things like that.

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Gay songs?

Does anybody know any good gay songs? i have heaps of indigo girls, and melissa etheridge and such, but i was wondering if people knew the names and/or artists of some good dance/techno or really any style of gay songs?
thanks heaps in advance

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