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Apologies into a pillow.

You ever want to appologise to someone for something you did, but you never got the chance? I know i have...this is where we can always come back and post our own little confessions of sorry-ness. I'll start.

I'm sorry i'm not the son you wish i was.

I'm sorry, i can't be a regular, straight big brother for you.

No, i never really liked you that way. Even though we dated...i'm gay, and you aren't my gender. I'm sorry for leading you on.

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Being my stupid apologetic self (this is not worth your time)...

Well, for anyone who cares
I am so pissed off at everyone and I feel like puking. It feels like there is something that has latched it's-self onto my chest and is crushing the space just below my neck over my thymus. I've felt like that all week so sue me.

Who in the world cares?
Maybe just telling the internet will make it better.

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Apologies to EVERYONE!!!

Look, I've been on this site for two days, and I've pissed at least two people off, so sorry everyone.

Meh, maybe shane was right. He said I'm offensive in general. but seriously, what's wrong with speaking my mind??? My mouth (or fingers) really need a filter, so... yeah.

But yeah, if I piss anyone off, please don't hesitate to like rag on me. My email is so weeeee!

Once again, sorry!

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I know I can be a self-involved jerk at times. I try and do the best I can not to be.

I love you guys,

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Insecurites, reawakened again...


i thought i was over this shit. but it seems to have reared its ugly head again. i'll spare you the details and just let you know that when i get depressed, i GET DEPRESSED. this is not, "Oh, i feel kinda sad." This is, "I'd like to jump off the deck and break my neck right now just to make the negative feelings go away." and tomorrow's christmas eve.

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