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ugh... SENIOR RESEARCH PROJECT SUCKS! and i can't figure out my physics homework. in other news i'm going to sign up for a video game tournament (i'm addicted to this "new" pc game) and a few of my friends will join me. if only life were simpler and not so unnecessarily complicated. i just think if life were less complex we would all be significantly happier, if only, if only.

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I had a panic attack last thursday. It sucked really bad. At least I was able to get to the nurse right away and start to control it. The major problem was that it wasn't provoked by anything that I can think of >:o

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GAH! and other onomatopoeias...

My mom's in one of those bitchy moods again. It sucks. She gets like this every now and then, and it's really annoying b/c she basically blames everything on me and my sis, and makes me fix/move/clean it up >:o

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Live and Learn....

Well, well, well..

It's been well over two months since my last post, I believe... Wait.. maybe it's been two months. I don't remember. Anyways, I'm back.

A lot has happened in the past two months! I'm sure I could write a book about it all, too haha. I'll just make a list & vent today. =]

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I'm not crazy. Just a bit confused

At school. Stressed out. Got my glasses, or found them.. Last night.
Missing homework. And my locker key.
Just because I can picklock it,
doesn't mean I wont have to pay 15$ at the end of the year to pass 8th grade.
For losing my key.

We've got math today.
I'd rather
be in math, than a mental hospital again.
But I'd rather fight with Myke abotu going than go to math.

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What A Day...sigh

sigh...yup...well let me see...happened?:

1) i woke up late 'cause i went fishing last night and didn't get home until 3...woke up at 6:30 but ended up falling back asleep and waking up at 7:30 which almost ALMOST made me late to class...

2) this girl, Caitlin, gave me a present for christmas and i know that she still likes it's a lil weird...but i ended up opening it 'cause certain people were noisy and wanted to know what she got me...she got me what i wanted (well i told everyone to get me this lol) SOCKS!! && a necklace with a flower pendant...OMG...yup...when i saw it i was like...OH MAN she still likes me 'cause she asked me out before but i turned her down 'cause i don't feel anything towards her and she's a friend...which is SOOOOO off limits in my book even if i did like her...which i don't. it's sad though 'cause one of my friends that she hangs out with called me up after school and asked me what i would do if caitlin asked me out again...and i told her the truth...sad...

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