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self surgery

so i finally got tired of the annoying red lump on my eyelid... i got some alcohol pads and sterilized the utility knife along with the tweezers. THE SURGERY WAS A SUCCESS! i used the "really pointy thing" to poke the very top of the lump, presto! lots of pus (gag). and i squezzed some out with the tweezers and then used my fingers for the rest. normally i'm scared of sharp things near my eyes, but this lump was the last straw. anyway i've put some alcohol on the wound and it should heal up nicely.

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yellow cheese

Well well, it's been a while! I have news, I'm out to my sister! FINALLY! She just asked me directly if I was gay after a few other questions.. and I said yeah I am. She was all like 'aaah why didn't you tell me?' (I've been very gay in the past few weeks and seeing if she would notice.)

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