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Tanzania Journal 6: Thursday, 23 June

Thursday 23 June

Okay, before I forget: 'Ranai yo pinama' - at least that's how it sounded; I could be totally wrong.

Right. With that little memorandum out of the way, return to chronology.

Our sleep clocks are not yet adjusted. Dad and Mr Fusion were both wide awake and reading at five in the morning; Mom and I both got up and used the toilet around midnight and had trouble waking up in the morning. Not that we wouldn't have had trouble waking up before seven if our sleep clocks had been adjusted, but even so.

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Tanzania Journal 5: Wednesday, 22 June

Wednesday, 22 June

Heheheh. There's a shower here at the Ilboru Safari Lodge and I just showered and before I showered I found out that Mom brought a big bottle of shampoo and a big bottle of conditioner. Yeah. No wonder her luggage weighs fifty pounds. Sheesh. 'I have long hair!' she says. I didn't even bring deodorant.

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Tanzania Journal 4: Tuesday, 21 June

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Well. It has been an exceedingly long day (probably because I've counted it as starting as soon as we left Washington) and we are all exceedingly tired (as in unable to keep from falling asleep in the time frame between boarding an airplane and the safety spiel).... but we are now in Tanzania! So, yay, one more country on that list, one more continent on that other list, and two more countries on the almost-list.

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