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A teacher, a woman, a friend or even more?

At the moment there are two questions that just don’t leave me in peace:

1. Am I attracted to my teacher?
2. Am I attracted to a woman?

It looks weird enough to see it written down, in cold print and everything, but it feels even worse. It explains part of my confusion going on in my mind right now.

Let’s review why I might conclude that I could possibly be attracted to my teacher.
It’s my music teacher that I’m talking about.

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My Monday Complaint

So while looking for relationship advice via google (sad, I know), I stumbed upon this nice little site. Since I don't seem to have any privacy journaling in an actual notebook, I'll use this instead. Maybe. I guess we'll see how it goes.

I should really shower. We're swimming in gym, and blah. I smell like chlorine, and probably sweat from yoga. And yet here I am sitting at the computer at 1:30 in the morning. Oh well. Who said I was the most glamorous person in the world?

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teacher crushes!

well, ive always thought that i was lesbian...ive never had crushes on the opposite sex...until now.
not only is he a male, not only is he over 25, hes my chemistry teacher!

hes sexy, handsome, knows how to make me smile and laugh and he is so intelligent...thats a real turn on for me.

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Heroism and Embroidered Chairs

Fiction absolute. That’s what he called it, reading Tom Wolfe in English class that day. Fiction absolute. As I was reading I wanted to underline it, but I’d forgotten my pencil. Everyone has their own worldview that places their group—or groups—in the best light.

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Monday's Her Last Day

I'm sad. Ms. Slackson is going for knee surgery and Monday is her last day. I only have that day to tell her she's beautiful or otherwise I have to wait for who knows how many weeks before she comes back. I don't want to wait that long. I want her to know that contary to what she probably believes, not almost every student in my school hates her.

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Oh. My. God. She SMILED when she said thanks for the email...EEeee!!

How Many Of You Have Liked A Teacher Or Had A Crush On Them??

Yeah, I've liked a teacher, but it was just a thing that lasted a couple weeks or so
25% (5 votes)
Yeah, my teacher means the world to me, I can't get them out of my head (choose this one if it's stonger than the above}
45% (9 votes)
What no way!! O.o My teachers are cool but not fanciable
25% (5 votes)
My teachers are all ugly and too old
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 20
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Sex with teacher

So i found this rather interesting article today :


It's a list of recent cases of female teachers having sex with their students. What I found really interesting is if you reverse the sexes, it reads a lot differently, and the jail times seem insanely low.

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Okay, so....

I talked to the friend that my other friend was reffering to (read last entry if you haven't, it'll make more sense.) and she said that friend number one jumps to conclusions....Lol. Kay, well, anyways, we talked for a bit, then she let on that her male cousin and friend were there. :-)

We talked in sript, and it was pretty good. Friend number 2 ended up falling asleep (same with her cousin) till it was just me and the friend that was at her house. So, they actually managed to cheer me up. :-)

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