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Hah, my first real show...

Lalalala, I'm finished teching my first real show! Go me! No major errors!!!

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...Accidental Flirting?

Ookay. So. First of all, I pick fights with homophobes, and I think I'm insecure in my homosexuality. Pah. But I already ranted about this in my [written] journal, and I don't have time right now, even though it's only 11:30 on the first night of a long weekend, because.... (point #2:) I have no life for the next week and a half because of tech. Joy.

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brain fart

i feel like i'm having a day-long brain fart....

like my brain simply decided to stop working today....

we had a moment of silence at 12:00 today, everyone was sitting in their desks and we were all really quiet, it was intense...

the the principal accidentally turned the pa off and we all had a good laugh.

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