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My coming out story.. so far :P

Ive not made a journal entry in quiet a while so i have a lot of updating to do!

Let me start by saying Im a 14 year old boy and im bisexual, A few month ago i would of choked on those words but now im much more comfortable with myself although Im still learning about my sexuality I can deal with it better because of my personal acceptence.

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Kryptonite Tears

*A story I wrote inspired by the song "Superman" by Five For Fighting.*

The football field is completely deserted at 6:30 on Sunday evening. The washboard sky is stained a buttery amber and I'm sprawled on the hood of my station wagon, waiting for my best friend, Ryder.

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What am I?

Hello, I am 14 (male) and in my first year of high school. I am attracted to men and sometimes think other boys at my school are attractive. Also, I recently realized that I am not attracted to females at all. I feel very confused about who I am right now. Because I am attracted to members of the same, and not opposite, gender, I think I might be gay.

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It really ticks me off....!-_-

Im 14 and planning on telling people at school im gay but i allready get beat up because of it its not fair i just want to be me but im to scared to do it -_- my mom knows and so do my best friends my school is very anti-gay as well it hurts when i get called stuff like gay prick etc etc why can't it be a case of he might be gay just leave him to it but no. if anyone has any ideas comment below Thanks

Ryan Linnett
or chat me on rlinnett@yahoo.co.uk (msn only)

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LGBT Book List

I've been on a bit of LGBTQ book rant thing. These are the good ones I've found with the help of my friend Matthew:

"How They Met And Other Stories" - David Levithan

"Realm of Possibilities" - David Levithan

"Boy Meets Boy" - David Levithan

"Kissing Kate" - Lauren Myracal

"Keeping You A Secret" - Julia Anne Peters

"Far From Xandu" - Julia Anne Peters

"Grl2Grl" - Julia Anne Peters

"A Vigil For Joe Rose: Stories of Being Out in Highschool" - Michael Whatling

"Dare Truth or Promise" - Paula Boock

"The Rainbow Road Series" - Alex Sanchez

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That Winter Night (Story)

'if you stay out here in the cold all night, you'll die.' you said, taking my hand in yours, bringing my fingers to your lips. 'your hands are like ice.' i didn't look up at you because, although my hands may have been cold, your touch made the rest of me catch on fire.

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Teen gay/lesbian/bi movies

Hey, so I read somebody's post about a lesbian coming-of-age movie, don't remember what the title was but it was all the swimmers and all of the responses said it was a crappy movie. Well, anywhoo, I was wondering what *good* lesbian/bi coming-of-age sorts of movies anyone knows about. And since we're not sexist here go ahead and post names of gay ones too for other peeps. =) Not sure how I'm gonna see one without uncomfortable questions from the 'rents, but knowing what to look for is the first step no?

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