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Telling other people

Once I finally came out to myself that I am Bi, I felt that I should tell at least one person so that I didn't have to continue to hide.
First I picked one of my good friends. The only bad thing is, that she is the daughter of a LCMS pastor. (NOTE: all of my friends are Lutheran, because I go to a private LCMS Lutheran School) She took it pretty well actually. She told me that she won't like my decision (even though its not really a decision) but that she will respect it and she told me that no matter what happenes, she will never leave me.
She was the person who took it the best.

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Monday's Her Last Day

I'm sad. Ms. Slackson is going for knee surgery and Monday is her last day. I only have that day to tell her she's beautiful or otherwise I have to wait for who knows how many weeks before she comes back. I don't want to wait that long. I want her to know that contary to what she probably believes, not almost every student in my school hates her.

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