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Today was my brothers birthday! We were both sick though, so we spent all day at home from school. I made chocolate chip smiley pancakes for breakfast. He got a paint ball gun for his b-day from our parents.
I was bored and had nothing to do all day, so I watched the L word reruns on youtube since I have never seen the series. I have seen season 1 and the first nine episodes of season two. It is truly a great series.

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Trans issues on Law & Order SVU and Max on The L Word

Did anyone watch the new episode of Law & Order SVU? The one with the transgendered girl. I thought it was a pretty good and although I'm not personally trans, from my point of view I thought they handled the transgendered issues quite well. And I liked the kid that was playing the trans girl I thought he did a good job especially since he's so young. It was pretty real. But I did, I really liked that episode. And then they had Daniella Sea(She plays Max on The L Word) playing a trans guy(again) and she was pretty good like she was back to like, season 3 Max and Hott! lol.

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Random things from today and I got a new profile pic

Lol, it's 4am and I'm not tired at all! Wtf? I just want to go to sleep but I'm so not tired.

And I just spent a good 2 hours at least looking at Spashley/South Of Nowhere fan art. Not really sure why. Actually I think it's cause it's sorta-kinda filling that void in me. You know the one. The "I have no love life what-so-ever" :P

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I need to find something to watch.....

Ugh. I need something GOOD to watch. Last night I watched the 3rd episode of The L Word from this new season and all I can say is BORING. That episode was pretty bad. AND I hate the new couple "Shenny" they make me want to puke.....sorta. Anyways, I'm really put off by by TLW right now and I don't particularly feel like watching another atrocious episode at this very moment. Am I the only one that feels this way?

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An almost awkward moment....

My oldest sister walked in on me when I was watching South Of Nowhere online in the middle of the night. And I was watching the 1st episode of the 3rd season and you know what happens in that one. Was I ever happy that it wasn't during that Spashley makeout scene! :P . Otherwise I think it would be bye bye closet. Lol, you know what almost happened? A couple of hours before that I was watching The L Word!! THE L WORD!!! Oooo...The worst thing that could have happened would of been if I had been watching The L Word and she walked in when there was a sex scene!

Do you think that Shane from the L Word is hot?

Yeah, holy crap man! Shane is one hot piece of ass!
41% (7 votes)
Er... naah Shane is overrated.
12% (2 votes)
Shane is alright, I can appreciate her looks, but she just isn't my type.
35% (6 votes)
12% (2 votes)
Total votes: 17
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Any of you lovely ladies on OurChart?
Say hi : )

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beautiful girls... drama... all kinds of random ramblings...

so i finally ended things with my ex best friend/girl who was dating a guy but still wanted to get with me.... as dana on the l word put it so well "are you trying to have your cake and eat your pussy too?" basically she got mad at me but i don't really care.... i wasn't going to do that to her boyfriend or to myself... not cool....

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shane from THE L WORD(thats right, bitches!!)

we all agree that shane is amazingly beautiful and gorgeous, yes?
my friend, teresa, has a friend in her choir.
and, well, she looks EXACTLY LIKE SHANE.
and, if its possible, almost better than her, actually.
shes a senior, and goes to some high school ive never heard of. :(
but i swear, one of these days i WILL meet this foxy young lady.
thank you.


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