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Nothing Exactly.

Hmm. I forgot what I was going to type. So why am I not stopping?
I don't want to stop. I haven't been here in a while.
As I type this, there are these slippers on my feet.
Well, more like shoe-shaped pillows, they're that comfy.
I tipically don't like wearing slippers or socks around my house, but somehow I don't feel bothered by these slippers.
They're so warm. I feel really relaxed right now, and I don't have a headache anymore, so yay!
I get random headaches sometimes. They tend to pop up alot.

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Sleep, I need it. (and other things.)

Well, I finished my homework earlier than last night. Which is good, because I get headaches when I don't sleep much. Surprisingly, I didn't get tired in Music class at all, like I usually do.
We had a fire drill today.
It was windy, and the sun was shining, so it was hot/cold.
It was also when I had Science.
So, everyone was in the huge field behind the school, people were talking to eachother, teachers taking attendance...
Me standing all alone quietly while staring at everyone.
I'm not much of a talker, it seems.
I listen and see more.

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Mmmm, school.

I suddenly feel like typing something.
Anyway, my old crush sits behind me in french class. A little awkward, eh?
Yes, indeed.
I also have the same gym class and science class as her, along with her IDENTICAL TWIN SISTER.
Who is younger than that old crush by, I think, two minutes?
Anyway, let's give them some nicknames! :D
I'm going to call my old crush Twin 1, and her sister Twin 2.
Only on oasis of course. I don't think they would enjoy me calling them that... heh heh.......
Okay, moving on.
I think I might be a dog magnet.

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Hello, Oasis.

Hello everyone on here.
This is my first journal entry, as you can possibly tell.
Somehow, I don't feel awkward at all.
Probably because I don't feel so alone anymore,
I don't feel depressed anymore,
I feel like people can actually understand me now.
I don't feel like a freak.
People have called me a freak before.
Only because I dressed like a ninja on the last day of 7th grade.
I don't see anything wrong with it, it was just a one time thing.
I wonder what would happen if they knew I was a lesbian.
My classmates use "gay" and "lesbian" as insults.

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