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Laramie Project

Last weekend I was in my school's production of the Laramie Project it was awesome. I mean I cried by the end of every show but it was amazing to be a part of. For those of you who don't know, Laramie Project is a play that is made from a collection of interviews with people of the town of Laramie Wyoming after the beating and death of Mathew Shephard in 1998 because he was gay.

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I'm in Peter Pan! And I came out to this awesome girl!

Wow, it's been SO LONG since I posted on here! I'm sorry, guys. Forgive me?

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Another Day, another...?

Today we had our Service Faire. If your schools don't have them, it is an opportunity for people from different organizations to come and talk to students about their community work. It gives us ideas as to what we want to do to raise our service hours. Some of the things that those people do are simply amazing, and I admire them.

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All right, here's an update on my life right now:

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Annie, Hot Girls, and the Handsome Choreographer

Brain mush!

So, our school's spring show this year was Annie. Ick. But I was going to explode if I went through the season theatreless, so I did it. I was Mrs. Pugh, the housekeeper. Fun. I wore a hilarious wig.

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I went out with a bang

Tonight was the last time I can ever perform in a certain acting class ever again. The class is for 10 to 12-year-olds, and since I just turned 13, I can't perform in it any more. In the class you practice a play, and then you perform it for your family and friends on the last day of class. Today was my last day, and I have to say, I did great in the performance.

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Valentine's Day depresses me

I think that Valentine's Day is a way to make single people feel left out. All around me at school there are couples, and tomorrow they're all going to be giving each other valentines and being sweet to each other. I am completely jealous. I have no girlfriend, but these people who are in a relationship seem so...happy. It's as though I'm missing out on something important.

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