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out of date

i don't know why (and i was so happy with my small accomplishment) that i didn't mention that i finally crossed into Exodus in The Old Testament. it's funny the amount of attention a person can get (these days from what i'm guessing) from just reading the bible in a public setting. it's not so much as "why?" but more "how is being religious a bad thing?". it's not like i'm converting people left and right and supporting Scott Lively or that Defend The Family crap. i'm all for my rights and people being able to be with whatever beliefs they have.

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I've known for years now that I'm bisexual - perhaps sometimes I've got a little confused, but I've always known I wasn't straight.

My parents have no idea, but I've spoken to my Mother about it in just a general conversation and she's said she doesn't 'believe' in bisexuals; that they're just curious and confused. I disagree, as I think I like both sexes equally but I just wondered what other people think really. Do you think it's possible to like both sexes equally? :/

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My philosophical questions for awhile...

love...what is emotion evoked by the release of hormones in the brain and the rest of the nervous system? is it a feeling of ecstacy when one is deeply connected to another? is it both?

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