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Deep Thoughts by the Artist Now Known as Faggot

A famous painter, Vincent Van Gogh once said, that he had a problem with, dare he say it, religion. And then he would go out and paint the stars. And he leaves us to wonder, what he means by “paint the stars”. Was he painting a reflection of the stars onto a canvas for others to see and enjoy. Or was he referring to those little stars that go unnoticed. Is it not these stars…these beautiful stars, these gleaming, shining stars that mean the most? I am of course speaking of the stars within us all.

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Yep, long time no see

Yeah so I haven't been on in quite a while.

Lemmie start with recent stuff and work back, cuz it's easier to remember that way XD

Part of the reason I haven't visited, I think, is b/c I've been off one of my meds for about a week, but I got it yesterday so's I'm set :D. Yeah, my doc wrote the wrong prescription >:o... He's been getting very bad with things like that, even tho it was only like 2 letters (XR... or is it ER?) to denote it's extended release.

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just an fyi (and impromptu rant)

now that school's started i don't know how much i'll be on here. especially since i'll be joining the GSA this year. and i haven't been feeling very angsty recently. (that's good right?) but i promise i'll keep y'all updated on anything major, and i'll check in at least once a week. just, i might not answer PMs in the best time.
...i think that's about it.

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Sometimes I Feel Like I Waste Time

Sometimes I feel like I waste so much time! I see amazing artists (of all sorts, duh) on television and admire their vocal ability, dance moves, physical appearance, creativity or something else and wind up with the conclusion that: Their lives and livelihood are based around those things, so they ALWAYS spend time on those things.

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