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Weird Moods

I'm tired of having all these weird moods going through me. I feel as though I just don't care about anything anymore. It's been going on for like... the past week.
It's been harder for me to find things to be happy about. I'm normally that happy, cheery person.
Not lately.

I'm sick of it. I know I'm not depressed, at least not majorly, but it's becoming such a nuisance... I can't focus on anything because my brain is so fuzzy and I am so easily distracted, but ALWAYS bored.

Sorry for rambling.. ugh.

I'm tired.

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If you have any advice, please leave it. I would greatly appreciate it. =D

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Running Out Of Steam

So, school is out in 15 school days, and 22 days total. This is fabulous, of course, but I'm finding I lack the motivation to keep up my work. Which is bad. For example, I am writing this journal entry instead of doing my homework. And it's almost 11:00.

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Be Warned: Bitching Ahead

You know those days where a bunch of little things add up to one of those days where you get home and just want to pass out until tomorrow? Today was one of those days. Therefore, I shall now proceed to bitch about it, mostly to make myself feel better.

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Hey peoples.

I slept like, all day today. And I'm still sleepy. All I've been doing is eating and sleeping latley. And drawing.

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soooo tired lol...

sigh...i just got off work...know what that means?...sleep!!
haha yeah right...shiit i got 2 exams tomorrow...math & chems...OMG good thing i only really have to worry about chems...math...is easy but imma still have to read and brush up on the things we learned in the beginning...ahhhhhhhh shiit...i'm sooooooo soooooo TIRED lol...but i have to study, so i can pass...i checked my grades not too long go && i'm getting a 2.8...a frickin 2.8!!!

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