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I identify as queer or Androgyne. There was a time I identified as trans. Adrogyne is a name my fiancé gave me to accommodate my female body and masculine mindset and outward expression. (In other words I'm a total "dyke") I prefer the term Androgyne or boi. I'd like to know what everyone else out there identifies as. Are you Queer, gay, ally (friend of gays that is straight), fag hag, fag stag, lesbian, les lover (the male equivalent to lezzies as a femaleis to gay people, aka fag hag), boi, queen, FTM, MTF?
And, why do you identify that way?

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Winnipeg Trans Teens

I'm an FTM and I am looking if I can meet any Winnipeg Teenage Transsexuals (FTM or MTF or anything else) just to be friends, as I have no TG friends at all, which sucks. If anyone wants to chat email okay?

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