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My partner told me to post a thing here. It's been a while and I've been lurking, so here's a speech I did.

Last year at this event, I read a speech about names. Trans* spoken word poet Miles Walser writes in a poem called Nebraska about the murder of Brandon Teena that “They don’t remember our names until they read them on our tombstones.

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Trangender help...

I'm technically Chris from Olympia, WA although I like the name Stephanie. I'm transgendered and have known it since I was like eight; coming from a military family that is heavy Catholics my parents are pretty unhelpful in terms of me trying to be a girl full time or starting to transition at all. Until I came out to my parents last year I was feeling VERY depressed, not on the verge of suicide because I just don't think suicide is the answer, but so depressed that I just did not want to do anything.

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explaining why pronouns are important

I've been out to my mother as genderqueer/FTM femme for about 3 months and we've been talking about it quite a lot, but she still refuses to use my preferred pronouns.
In our last talk, I finally set it as a boundary for me.

"I can tell you're trying to help me, and that you're trying to understand and that's awesome. But if you want to help me, this is how to do it. I really do need you to call me by either "he" or "they". It's not just a want, it's a need".

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Trans Help!!!!

Hi. I am a 14 year old boy that needs a little help. For one I think I am trans because I have a mind geared towards feminine thoughts, I usually find myself in feminine positions (legs crossed, hands on hips etc.), and I am not comfortable with my guy parts. Also how do I tell my parents that I am trans (if I am). I just need help and I hope someone can give that to me.

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First Meeting!

SO today marked the first meeting of my GSA at school! It turned out absolutely brilliant! We had about twenty people show up with little to no advertising (only an announcement on the P.A this morning and myself telling the school music department about it) as opposed to last year's measely ten members- and that was on a good day!

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GSA Projects

Hey so the new school year is up and running and so is my lovely GSA! As the founder and president I'm in charge of running events, seeing as no teachers wants to help us out, and I was wondering if anybody on here had some ideas for events!
So far I've decided on doing the Clothesline Project and actually having a NOH8 photoshoot so if anybody could give me some more ideas I would be really appreciative! :D

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book not-quite-reviews: Parrotfish and Luna

So you know when you first start coming out and you try to read allll the queer teen books ever? And then you realize how bad most queer young adult lit is? Yeah. So I've been experiencing a bit of a renaissance for no particular reason I can pin down. Possibly extreme boredom.

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What Now?

So this is an update about my problem in "Her Confusion".

My girlfriend is now considering actually getting a sex change, she isn't just wondering about the whole transgender thing. Last night she was even discussing names with me.

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Her Confusion

So I woke up to a text this morning from my girlfriend of 4 months. She was telling me for the first time that she has always felt like she should have been a boy. That she would be more comfortable as one and everything.

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I feel so alone

I feel as if every girl I ever am attracted to is never going to want to date me because I am transgender. My first girlfriend broke up with me because I came out to her as transgender. My second girlfriend did the same thing. The one girl I was dating but not in a relationship with who happens to be my best friend that I'm head over heels for also told me she couldn't date me because of my gender identity. I feel like nobody will ever want to date me because of my gender identity. I feel so I will never find love.

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discrimination in the work place

I have been feeling pretty down lately... Everyone at my work knows that I am transgender and that my preferred name is Jay. I asked my manager today if I could change my name tag to Jay instead of my birth name. And immediately she said "Absolutely not" and when I asked why she said "It isn't your legal name". When I brought up the argument that other people have their preferred name as their name tag for example Nate instead of Kenneth, Jo instead of Josaphine, and Matt instead of Matthew. They said "Talk to the owner about it".

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Hey everyone,

I am new to this site. I am transgender female to male. There are a lot of things I have been questioning lately. I don't question my gender identity but I question myself and my own personal strength to stay true to myself and stay out. I am just so lost right now and don't know where to turn. I am from a very conservative town in Wisconsin that is not very friendly toward the LGBTQQIAA community which has brought me to this site to try to find people to talk to.

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Anyone transgender...

Hey, I'm back.
I'm doing a school project on the topic of transgender people, and I need an interview for it via e-mail. I'd like to be able to interview someone transgender who's accepted being transgender and can give me some good insight and info on the topic and a personal view on it. Private message me or reply here if you're willing to let me interview you for my research paper!!
Thanks guys : )

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Okay so I'm new to this whole website but I wanted to know if anyone here is trigender (other than me) which means that they switch between feminine, masculine and androgynous natures depending on the situation. Even anyone bigender, agender, androgynous, transexual/transgender or basically anyone who has any ideas for me. It's really hard being trigender, especially because I'm also bisexual, which is pretty unheard of. I've only told my best friend (he's gay I knew he'd understand), but I can't stand this closet anymore, its making me claustrophobic.

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Whose bedroom is this, anyway?

So I'm back at home again, in my old bed. I haven't been here to sleep in three months. And it's weird, because at college I've been mostly presenting as male, and identifying as male, for the past month or so, even a little more than that maybe. I love my bed, I love my room, but it is so unmistakably a typical girl's room that I feel confused. It feels weird. It's like seeing myself in pictures.

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Transgender.Stuck in the wrong body,right?

Hello,im a new member.
My name is Gabbie.
Both my birth name,and trans name.
I'm 14.
Out to my family as trans.
But,they do not accept it.
I have long hair,no binder.
And im forced to wear girly clothing,and forced to identify as female.
I look in the mirror,and know that.That's not me.
I am,a boy.
A men.
I may have girl-ish tendencies or,i may somewhat still like men.
But that's just who i am,I like wearing eyeliner.
And im obsessed over hello kitty.
To me that doesn't make me less of a man,That just makes me who i am.
But to my family,that means im still a girl.

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New start.

Welll....I graduate high school today.
And I'm 18 in August.
My mom and stepdad (favorite parents) are moving to Arizona in like a month cause he has asthma and has been working for like 30 some years and can't do another winter. Also family down there. And my mom goes too.

...I'm with the dad and stepmom who genuinely love me and try their hardest, but I will never be Trey Casen Willliams, male, and their son to them.
they just don't see it.

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Had to make a new one of these.

I forgot my old name, and I tried sending it back to my e-mail, but I forgot the password and all the information to that too.
So, hi everyone!
Good to be back.
I'll try to be on here more, I missed it.
It's been a while.

Gone through like 7 girlfriends probably. Girls are just a jinxx on me. So I'm done for now.
Got a grip of other shit to worry about.
Still holla at my facebook, if you look up Trey Casen Williams you'll find me on there!
And Youtube is /identitycrisis052.
So yeah.

I'm in Personal Finance right now.
It sucks.
Early release though, holllerrr.

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Well, that's a lonely realization...I'm the only trans kid at my school.

I was sitting in my first meeting of the year of the GLBTQ support group at my school this morning.
We have alot of kids from 9th and 10th grades, especially, so the 11th and 12th graders and everyone are trying to figure out how we can get a manageable support group size so everyone can get their turn talking and getting help.
Now, last year, it was 9th grade and 10/11/12 by ourselves.
Now, people are offering ideas about "how about we do the gay boys, together, lesbians together, bi kids together, and questioning kids go wherever they think they go?"
Which is great.
For everyone else.

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Join my site....Please!

Now I don't give out free bowls of soup or anything for joining; but I will offer the following list in return:

1. Video updates, some of which will be funny and some of which are meant to inform.

2. Blog updates pertaining to current LGBT issues that have sparked a general interest in me and should be shared with others; and blog posts that are of little to no relevancy to the LGBT community but are of interest to me and deserve to be shared.

3. An updated "Links of interest" section which shares links to sites within the LGBT community that I have found to be helpful.

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