Whats up wit the whole ORIENTATION??!!!

you born the way you are!
91% (10 votes)
you choose to be who you are!
9% (1 vote)
Total votes: 11
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Feminism is another one of those loaded words these days. To men it says you are a bitch, and to women it says you want to deny the feminine aspects of your self; because clearly the only way you can be deemed strong is by not being feminine. Both for the most part are incorrect assumptions, concluded from past feminism. There are two types of feminism and feminist in fact. The first is the women who believe they are better than men, and that femininity just exists to keep them contained in some way and below men.

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Keep My Eyes Open

THERE'S A TRANSGENDERED PERSON IN INDIANA AND I'M RELATED TO HER!!! I went to this local diner with my Dad and his wife and the only other people in there were a woman and a boy. Dad and her made small talk and during the entire they are talking I know he doesn't want to keep talking to her. As the woman goes to leave she says to me, "Make

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A secret that shocks

Waking up in the morning sun.
Another painful day has just begun.
Another day of pretending to be
Someone I'm not
Wishing I was just forgot.
Beautiful little girl with golden blond locks.
Holds a secret that would shock.
Don't understand it.
Don't want to live with it.
How can I just forgive it?
Taking over my life.
Can't sleep at night.
There is so much fright.
Built up inside.

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Racism in the LGBT Community

I was wondering if anyone has encountered racism in the LGBT community personally and how the feel about it and what they have done to handle this. This was brought up at a Citywide GSA meeting put together but an LGBT organization here in Philadelphia. Thanks in advance for your time.

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