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I feel that this past week has been a blur. I have been so out of it lately. Am I tired? Sick? Or do i have crippling depression knowing that no one knows who i truly am. Sometimes, i don't even know who i am.
I told one person that I am bisexual and already, it is backfiring. No, he hasn't told anyone but he almost talked about it in front of my other friend who is has proved himself untrustworthy on a number of occasions.

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The Full Spectrum

So, I'm reading this book called The Full Spectrum (thus the post title), it's a collection of essays and poems edited by David Levithan (who rocks) and Billy Merrell (who I've never heard of before). (It's really good and if you haven't read it I highly suggest it.) Anywhoo, I'm reading along, laughing, gasping, and getting nervous and angry at all the right moments, and I stumble across this story called "A Story Called 'Her'". And this story really touched me. It reminded me poignantly of my current situation, but also gave me hope.

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