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i don't know anymore.

Okay, so, there's this girl, and her name's ashley. i've known her for a while, and we met through myspace. i don't remember when it was that we met, but it's been a while, maybe a year? idk, at least six months. anyway, after a while, of course i got feelings for her the way i tend to do.

well. she has a girlfriend. NO. a fiance. they've been together for FOUR YEARS. yeah, srsly. her name's nicole.

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god why don't i just drop out

Background: So I decided to see what would happen if I stopped calling my best friend of fifteen years. He never called me back. He was sick and dying for many of those years and our friendship, and now that he's better and I moved to college (only two hours away) he doesn't have time for me.

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What with not getting to write on here as much as I used to, I find it begrudgingly amusing the story my journal is weaving. My last entry reports on my love life, getting a boyfriend for the first time, and this one is about how he's cheated on me just a few weeks later! Admittedly, the hilarity is short lived, but still, I've always been one to laugh in the face of misfortune.

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