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My realization

Since I got out of a relationship with a fiance I had for 4 years, i've been hooking up with random women to fill the empty void in my heart. i've forgotten how to care and respect a women. i would only use the women who were worth something to stick around and who cared for me to get to the next women i would cheat with. i was becoming, and stilll am, really a worthless piece of shit. but then one night i couldnt stop the thoughts in my mind from taking over and i allowed myself to hear what my head had tried to tell me many times.

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This is me:

I need to tell, about me, to explain what is in my head. It makes it clearer for me when I write it, so here it is.

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not to sound whiny or whatever...

...but i still need advice about K. here's a link to my original post...

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ok, how to tell her? --please help!, i've finally decided to tell K i like her, but i'm not sure how. should i just come out and tell her, or should i just flirt with her (more than usual) and let her figure it out or what?

...i have no idea how to do this. plus i'm scared i'm gonna lose my best friend. but i'm tired of wishing she was mine.

any advice on how to tell her, or just in general?

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yeah and i know yall know what im talking about here. they all want to jizz in their pants. instead of listening to their heart or mind, they choose the lower form of their body. in their pants. how pathetic! this makes me so ticked, especially since not too long ago i was carrying a set of twins. as soon as my ex got what he wanted, he left me. i cried for days, but then it hit me. y not tell the rest of the world, so that way...they wont make the same mistake! Not that I think my 2 beautiful twin daughters mary-kate and ashley are a mistake.

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