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it's been awhile since i posted and i felt like posting something that i posted last night on tumblr.
it’s about 11pm. i’m sitting here listening to Peaches by: New Heights, which has become my ‘thinking’/calming song.

i’ve been pretty much trying to keep myself busy these past weeks, it doesn’t help that my car has been out of service for the past 3 days and won’t get fixed until hopefully…tuesday. i’m not sure yet.

but i’ve been in a state of ‘bleh’.

let me be honest, it does involve a girl, but it also involves me changing as a person.

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Shiiiit, I'd really like to go see them play live! But I don't have anyone to go with. It sucks even more that it's actually quite cheap to go see them. Dammit, why don't I know anyone in this damn city by now?

Oooh, but on an awesome note, I got Imagine Me & You to watch this weekend! Maybe I'll just settle down and watch it tonight, so I can just curl up in bed. Yeah, that sounds nice. I just wish I had someone to curl up with and take care of me while I'm sick :)

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I've finally got the hang of Tumblr (http://gentleobsession.tumblr.com). Who's got one? I love how easy it is to post stuff, but where do people find places to stream music from? Any ideas?

Annndd I'm making a mess of my post on Dragon Age: Origins, but I'm too tired to fix it up all nice.

I wanna do some caps of my epic romance from Dragon Age and some other lesbionic things and post them up. That's if I can find the time and energy, anyways.

Lately my nightly/early morning routine has been:

2 episode of Six Feet Under
2 hours or so of playing Dragon Age: Origins

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