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River scene

I've started to read the Pretty Little Liars books. I'm more than half way through the first one and it's actually quite good. It's interesting to see the changes they made for the TV show. But I really wish that they had included this one Emily/Maya scene cause it was awesome. It reminded me a bit of Emily and Naomi's scene from Skins where they go to the lake/creek or whatever, but minus the drugs and love making. Hee.

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Yesterday me and my dad watched the first 5 episodes of Charmed. One after the other. lol. And I LOVED them. I've watched a lot of episodes but mostly the ones from seasons 4 and on. Which I watched when we had the craptacular Cosmo channel that had basically nothing good(for me, anyways) except for Charmed and Gilmore Girls(Which I actually became quite fond of). I watched almost every single episode of Sex And The City but only because Cosmo was the only channel we had for a while there.

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Trans issues on Law & Order SVU and Max on The L Word

Did anyone watch the new episode of Law & Order SVU? The one with the transgendered girl. I thought it was a pretty good and although I'm not personally trans, from my point of view I thought they handled the transgendered issues quite well. And I liked the kid that was playing the trans girl I thought he did a good job especially since he's so young. It was pretty real. But I did, I really liked that episode. And then they had Daniella Sea(She plays Max on The L Word) playing a trans guy(again) and she was pretty good like she was back to like, season 3 Max and Hott! lol.

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I need to find something to watch.....

Ugh. I need something GOOD to watch. Last night I watched the 3rd episode of The L Word from this new season and all I can say is BORING. That episode was pretty bad. AND I hate the new couple "Shenny" they make me want to puke.....sorta. Anyways, I'm really put off by by TLW right now and I don't particularly feel like watching another atrocious episode at this very moment. Am I the only one that feels this way?

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