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Late-night philosophizing on enlightenment through song

I have given up on sleeping, literally, and I keep on playing "Sweetest thing" by U2. Wo-oh-oh, the sweetest thing. The question is, if I play it long enough, will I attain nirvana?

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It’s not a need or a want but a right.
To fly and submerge and feel, no not feel, desire.
Closer and unreachable, it’s never enough.
You give the needed but it’s never sufficient
We always want more, I always want more.

To let go seems easy to write.
To write is never easy to express.
I hold on, still holding.
I open my eyes and its reality
But it feels like my world.

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Your Authority

Be the open mind of the immortal
Search reality to its roots
Give and take the ecstasy
Spoil the numerous powers of imagination
With the unthinkable pretend; it’s in the abyss

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This is all so new to me. I keep saying I'm Bi in a way of self defense because in my head it makes it ok to be half gay. But I think its time to stop with the pretenses and accept the truth of what I am and that is a full on lesbian.

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