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My Story

Today on this gloomy, overcast, November afternoon I have decided to sit down at my keyboard and share with you the story of my, for lack of a better term, coming out. I would not say my story is completely unique, nor that it is a common one. It is unique in many different ways, but at its core is the same as all other stories of its nature, just like we as humans are different in who we are, but we live, breathe, and love as one species.

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'You can do better'

I am so SICK of that god damn line! Because it's not true well MOSTLY it's not true, it could be true in some cases. But everyone says to everyone, in hope of comforting or something when they are dumped. But it's a complete lie.
Sometimes you CANT do better, lookswise anyways personality wise maybe but idk. Sometimes what you have is so perfect, you can't do can't do any better and sometimes they are better than you.

& Also why the hell is it that some peoples lives are so perfect. Why is it they are goodlooking AND rich AND happy, like Fuck.

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