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hm...what does the z in zomg stand for anyway? ...

Anywhoo, that's beside the point.

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Wishing I can choose

I wish I could let somebody know I'm gay/bi (mostly gay). I want to, but I know that not everyone's reaction will be positive. I plan on hopefully revealing it when I leave to go to college (I'm a Junior) but want to say something.

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Finding my orientation

I need help guys. I'm not sure if I am lesbian or bisexual or even gay at all! Any advice to help me figure it out? I'm pretty sure I'm bisexual but I'm not completley positive. HELP!!!!!

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I don't know where to go from here

I've been in a really weird place these past couple weeks. With finals around the corner and transferring to a new university in my near future I've been under a fair amount of stress. I've been using this as an excuse as to why I haven't been making the best decisions.

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Still on Skates

Welllllll, I went ice skating on Friday, and I had SO much fun. Not to mention that during school, my crush (who I will call Alex) came up to me and held my hands and gave me a hug and said that she couldn't wait to go. She was the one who invited me in the first place. (Perhaps I have a chance?) I couldn't concentrate for the rest of the day. I think my parents were worried at the way I kept pacing around and fussing with my clothes.

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