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I'm sitting here at my keyboard, trying desperately to think of something to put into my shiny new internet journal on this website my friend Zach[Shadow1992] has kindly directed me to.

What should I say? Do I have anything worth saying? Anything worth anyone taking the time to read?

I can honestly say, I don't think so. No today, at least. That is not to say I don't have things to say, just not things worthwhile.

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Just A Quick Hi

Hey everyone,

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when you're around, you just get me down

It feels like I haven't written forever.. probably because I haven't. I've still been reading a lot of your journals though, just not knowing what I should write about anymore. I hope you still remember me :0

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The Vicodin Diaries...

I need love
and you're just a liar
So don't tell me I'm wrong
because I really thought we belonged

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Hey Again from the Holy Land!

Well haha, this is an update from me, who hasn't posted on here in a chunk of a whiles! Where my story left off... let's see, it was with me in summer school and having sent my crush a note and having him not said anything to me, and me wanting to be courageous on the last day and kiss him.

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Things are looking up

Things have gotten much better since my last post several months ago (not that anyone follows my journal or anything).

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GLM - Update

Just a quick update on the GLM project:

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