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New things:
1. So exams are officially over.
2. Had a business meeting today. Our company is now legally incorporated. Website under production.
3. Still hungover from last night. But one of the best nights I've had.
4. I am learning French next semester.
5. Do not like Josh anymore, just want to be good mates with him.
6. Realised I want a few close gay friends.
7. Scared of relationships right now. But also don't want meaningless sex. What a dilemma.
8. Going down to Wellington (the capital) over the weekend for a tournament/party.

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I'm Back!!

OK guys I'm back now. I hadn't posted in about a year I believe and lots has happened. But so anyway my picture is not working....IDK why yet but its all good. Ok so as an update add me on facebook, my e-mail is in my profile, you don't even have to tell me who you are I will accept you.

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