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My new vegan site launched

Hey everyone,

Just a note that my new site,, has launched.

It will mainly be a site about vegan things, vegan news, vegan interviews, vegan cooking, vegan food... you might have noticed a pattern there. Basically, if you don't want to read vegan stuff, don't go here.

Pratibha Parmar: Interview

By Jeff Walsh

Pratibha Parmar is the writer, producer, and director the lesbian romantic comedy "Nina's Heavenly Delights," a fun story about food, family, and culture that opens in San Francisco this week and in other major U.S. cities throughout the year. Parmar was in San Francisco this week to promote the movie, as well as work on her next project involving The Color Purple author Alice Walker, so we had a chance to sit down in a café near the Bay Bridge for a chat the other day. We talked about the film, being vegan (she told me "there are meat dishes in the film just to appeal to a broad audience"), the Color Purple, and gay marriage. My review of her movie is here; the interview went as follows:

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Spiders live over the rainbow

Belive it or not, that has nothing to do with anything, except this picture I drew earlier, it's really random... And I couldn't describe it to you no matter how hard I tried so here's a link:

It was just randomness. But I really like how it turned out.

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