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Who likes Diet Coke and Mentos?

I just thought of something interesting I'd like to show you. A couple years ago, I was at a friend's house and we did the diet coke-mentos explosion thingy. Somehow, I ended up... never mind. See YouTube. I still can't believe her mom videotaped... I look really awful in the video, and the creepy science-goggles don't exactly improve my appearance, so be warned. I thought this might interest you all, though. So here it is:

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Haven't wirrten an entry in a while... Be warned: This is long, and pretty boring...

Hello everyone, I'm just updating a little, because I've been offline for soo long.

Yeah, I was grounded from my computer for forever, which is why I've been off, and when I actually could get on, I spent all my time reading everyone's posts instead of contributing... ^^;;;

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Must-See Video

Okay, you guys have to see this video. It's been out there for awhile apparently, but I'd never seen it. A friend just posted in on fb, and it got me all weepy. As someone who loves and mentors teenagers, this is the kind of shit I live for.

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Oh noes!

Liam convinced his dad to give him his old camera (of awesome and fabulous) AND Liam just happens to have a computer handy with Sony Vegas 7.0. But Liam has NO IDEAS for videos to make and attack the world with.

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Kiss that Frog

Hehe... I like this.. ^^

(My first video embedding-ness! *proud*)

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Youtube (A Love Song)

Gideon Glick makes the talk show rounds...

Gideon Glick, who came out in Oasis a little while back, hit the talk show circuit this week with the cast of Spring Awakening.

On Wednesday night, they hit Letterman to sing "The Bitch Of Living" (Gideon is the one who sings "See them showering at gym class"):

On Thursday morning, hey showed up on The View to Sing "Touch Me" (Gideon is the third person to sing, actually singing "Touch Me, Just like that...")


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Funniest. Shit. Ever.

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