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favorite video game characters ever(any all of your favotites not just one)

i have too many to remember them all but here are some: Gray Fox, Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Big Boss, The Boss, Psycho Mantis, The rest of Foxhound, The Genome Army(Metal Gear Solid series), Kazuki Takemura(Front Mission 3), Ryogo Kusama(also FM3), Special Agent HUNK(Resident evil series), Byte(Tron 2.0), Daft Punk(D.J. Hero)

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Fallout 3

I'm getting soooo into Fallout 3 now. I got it in, what, October and only now am I really getting into it and, really, all I want to do is play it all night long. But then there is pesky school tomorrow, so I can't. Or, well, I shouldn't. I also found some totally random lesbian couple in the game. It was so weird and so nice to find that. It was made me smile. Maybe I'll expand upon that tomorrow when I'm not so tired :)

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Disappointed with Mass Effect 2

Hmm...from what I've heard, there are no gay or lesbian romance options in Mass Effect 2. Well, except if you romanced Liara, the alien who looked female but was really a mono-gendered alien species (meaning she wasn't really female, or so they say). You can continue your romance with Liara. That sucks. I want new romance options just like the straight gamers get! I don't get why they would backtrack like this, especially since the same company (Bioware) made Dragon Age: Origins and it included both a gay male option and a lesbian option.

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On a lighter, gamier note...

I bought that game that I was talking about a while back, Dragon Age: Origins.....and it's BLOODY awesome. It's probably one of my favourite Xbox 360 games so far, next to Oblivion, of course. It's an RPG and very Lord of The Rings-ish, with Elves, Dwarves, some crappy Humans, and swords and magic. And, like Mass Effect, you can romance someone. In this game, though, you can romance someone of the same-sex no matter which gender you are.

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I think I've found what I'm asking for this Christmas!! Dragon Age: Origins! A role playing game. Has anyone played it? I've been reading about it and watching some videos online for the past hour and it looks and sounds really, really good. Good storyline and you get to make choices like in Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls/Fallout 3. Also, I've heard that it has romances too. And, get this, you can have gay and lesbian romances!! That pretty much sealed the deal for me. Eeee!! I'm actually really excited to play it.

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Darth Maul kicks....well you know what ;)

I had sooooo much fun this weekend. Ahh...David was over and we just had an amazingly good time just hanging out. He's the person that I find easiest to talk to because we can joke around about anything. He's not overtly sensitive or anything and we're both really sarcastic, specially me =) We dragged out my trusty old Gamecube and played Sims 2 a lot of the time cause it's way too funny when we're on the multiplayer and try to burn down the house, lol. And make our sims be total whores! lol.

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Mmmm......I love those Reese Peanut Butter Cups mmm......

It was a pretty good birthday. Nice and normal and the way I'd prefer it to be right now. I'm 21 which means that I can now legally drink in the United States as some friends and my sister pointed out today. Not that I plan to go to the states any time soon....Suckers, we can drink at the age of 19 here in Canada...ha ha. =D

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Xbox Live Gamertags

Hey everybody! I thought that all of us oasis gamers could post our Gamer tags for Xbox live and play some games together. Because frankly I'm sick of playing with these guys who shout "that's so gay" whenever something goes wrong for them in a game.

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Gay video game

Okay. So if you played the first fable you know that you could only be a dude but you could be a very gay dude lol. It's funny cause I mean its an RPG(role playing game to all you non gamers). Like you are this very masuculine Hero(or Villain if you so choose) but you could be a gay. You know like if some strapping young hunk in the game caught your eye.

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Knee Deep (My Return To Oasismag)

Hey guys.
Anyone miss me lol
I have had the craziest time of my life.
First sex.
wild after show parties.
Lost friends.
My misunderstanding of guys.
my loss and heartbreak.
Anyone want to fill me in on what they have been up to?
Anyone not know me? Let's talk.

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Kingdom Hearts, frustration, Rent, three orange cats and then some.

First time ever playing Kingdom Hearts and I must say its fun. Although A long time ago my mum spilled soda on my controller so the buttons keep sticking so I'm getting angry at it. I kept trying to hit the little shadow thingys and nothing would happen. Since I tend to throw things when I get mad I am now watching Rent, with my cats.

I absolutely love cats, and dogs, and horses come to think of it but the cats are the only ones allowed in the house. I have five total in the house and two outside. My three children are all orange tabbies I bottle fed so their very affectionate and love to cuddle. There are two boys and a girl, Noah, Rex, and Baby cat. Then the two others are Angel(a tortoise shell) and Stormy(grey and white patches with dark gray stripes in the light gray). Stormy is my brothers cat but she makes too much noise when hes sleeping or something so I've adopted her.

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