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If there is ever such a more important moment in a girl's life, it would certainly be the firsts. All of them. First kiss, first crush, first period, first dance, first car, First.... Partner. But I think one of them truly holds the most weight. The one most significant. The one that can flip a girl's world right up on it's back like a confused turtle, or completely reorganize everything they ever thought about themselves. It is the most debilitating, overwhelming, all-consuming, frightening, and beautiful thing for a first.

A first love.

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Gift of Words

We are gifted with the power of words.

The power of clarity of expression, to be able to communicate intangible ideas into defined, boxed, concrete meanings that are - words.

Let us not abuse that power, and in effect, rob ourselves and everyone of that privilege.

I think precision in the manipulating of language is vital in understanding ourselves, our thoughts, and new concepts. Because what are words but to symbolise ideas? Thoughts and behavioural patterns are subjected to the frameworks put in place by our knowledge of words.

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