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Join my site....Please!

Now I don't give out free bowls of soup or anything for joining; but I will offer the following list in return:

1. Video updates, some of which will be funny and some of which are meant to inform.

2. Blog updates pertaining to current LGBT issues that have sparked a general interest in me and should be shared with others; and blog posts that are of little to no relevancy to the LGBT community but are of interest to me and deserve to be shared.

3. An updated "Links of interest" section which shares links to sites within the LGBT community that I have found to be helpful.

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Bored? Check out my LGBT website =)

If you're bored or simply looking for a new LGBT website, please check mine out. It is a free website meaning it is free for anyone to join and share their opinions through forums, comments, and blog responses. The website also includes LGBT movies, links to popular LGBT sites, mini web series, and more.
The site is dedicated to those who believe in fighting for equal rights. The blogs posted are my opinions and are aimed at promoting equality for all. Thanks to those who give the site a chance!


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LGBT website

Hello to those interested! I recently opened a website dedicated to LGBT communities. I have an active blog, videos, links, pop culture section, a forum, and free membership. If you're interested check it out!

Thanks for your time =)

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Website issues...

Alright this is a Technical problem I've been having with my account on oasis, I've tried filling in the field on my personal information thats open for you to enter your website or myspace page. Well I've tried over and over again to enter my myspace url

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